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The Social Experiment as a learning field

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About Utopiske Horisonter
  • Sustainable Development & Democratic renewing. (recreation / transformation)
  • Facilitated groups who have a problem they want to take care of a problem or want to change lifestyle (ecovillages, local agenda 21, students, green businesses, social institutions and others).
  • Methods: future workshops, café seminars, conflict resolution, dialog meetings.
    Design meetings out from needs and wishes. The methods are an "process catalyst" witch means that the process of the meeting is catalysing energy to solve or chance the problem.
  • Political business; Whiteout utopies the politic the contact to the human values the methods are political because the participants get empowered to take care of their own situation, in a pedagogy witch opening op for personal concerns, experiences, wishes and resources.
The context of the social eksperiment and a metode to alteration
  • Christiania is an alternative society, a way of living.
  • The social experiment is a definition coming from the state I 1972. It was a definition witch legitimated Christiania. In the next 5 years social experiments will start to be a world wide method to make sustainable development.
    It's a gift living in a social experiment, because its give you a possibility to chance your lifestyle and because the context of the society is so different that it gives a basis for unusual learning processes and new understandings.
  • Christiania is an alternative society - another way of living. We have a lot of problems to play with at to solve. Some of them are pretty hard.
    The problem about the illegality of marihuana is moving our focus and energy from the possibilities of the social experiment to limitation of criminal marked.

What have I learned? Self-government, Democracy and decision making. Local economic. Ecological solutions.
As a teacher and process leader I've got a lot of inspiration and understanding witch I use in my work. I have learn that personal development have to grove with political development.

What is a socialt eksperiment / and ecological eksperimental zone?
  • The aim for they ecological experimental zones is to produce knowledge about sustainable living and methods
  • Sustainable development is urgent.
  • The need of sustainable development. Do not get meet if we only talk about it or only make symbolic actions. We need consistent actions.
  • We don't have all the knowledge and wisdom we need to implement the changes.
  • We believe in a public or popular engagement.
What is a social experiment?
  1. People from outside should be able to learn for the experiment. Therefore make a dialog with the surrounding society and avoid isolation. If it succeeds it will give meaning to other people.
  2. The experiment imply a freedom/exemption from the normal way of rules, leadership and economic. Instead it's the aim, ideas, values, ethic and transparency which are the important things in the standards, rules etc.
  3. It's a learning process where you make experiments because you have a problem where you don't know the solution. It that way it doesn't have succeeded.
  4. The experimental zones are committed to be experimental, spontaneous and creative. Next it have to be systematic, to involve all people who want to be involved and to be responsible to all the participants and to the surrounding society.
  5. A facilitator on the strategy: Stimulating the participants to think holistic; to make a dialog between the problem and "the good life": What is good for me, my family, my neighbourhood, for the nature, for my work-life, for the children and - that's what we have to learn - for the next generations.
a metode to alteration
  • The methods empowered the participants to take care of their own situation.


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